Tim Hodges


Tim was born in Yorkshire but has lived mostly in Scotland. He’s been “into” photography since a teenager. For a long time, work left little time for photography but over recent years he’s been using his non-working hours building his photographic experience and portfolio. Concentrating on landscape with explorations in astro, architecture and infra-red photography and with success in competitions, he aspires only to keep taking photographs as long as he keeps enjoying it.

Tim enjoys the endless photographic opportunities in the Scottish landscape and weather but admits that if it wasn’t for the camera needing exercise, he might not be motivated to venture out so much. He appreciates that his passion for photography whilst giving him an eye for an image, has also cursed him to be forever thinking “would that make a good photo?”.

Although he started out with film, he now uses a digital workflow with the post processing aspects of equal importance to the original image capture. He is mindful of the carbon footprint associated with his photography which can rack up miles. So he tries to make best use of photo outings and uses his bicycle to get about where possible.