Liam Yule

Liam Yule


Originally from Aberdeenshire, Liam is an amatuer photographer based in Perthshire, having lived in Tayside for the last 7 years. Liam has always loved the outdoors and the beauty that Scotland has to offer. Childhood holidays generally including camping in the rain and hillwalking in the fog. Despite this he is still at his happiest whilst outdoors with his camera and Border Collie.

Holidaying in the Highlands and Islands and extensive travel throughout Scotland for work has allowed Liam to explore and shoot most of the country he feels he is lucky enough to call home.

Liam loves to know what he is pointing a camera at and any image he shares tends to include an array of facts about the location or subject.

Currently shooting with a Nikon full frame camera, Liam is a Vangaurd World Ambassador and has just bought himself a drone to try to give his photography a new dimension and to learn something new during lockdown.